Brand Style Guide

Thank you for your interest in using the Ruthless Vapor logo. In order to ensure that our brand is uniform across all platforms, we have created this style guide for your reference.

Need help? If you have any questions or concerns in regards to the Ruthless Vapor logo, Contact Us.

Primary Logo

The Ruthless Vapor logo is a fundemental part to our company vision and goals. Etched with years of experience in the vape industry, the usage of both logos should be thought out carefully and with consideration.

Our primary logo adheres to our color scheme and should not change in color, dimensions, or any other alteration.


  • Color: The logo should always be used in black or white, with the white on a darker background.
  • Spacing considerations: Keep at least a Ruthless worth of space between the Logotype and other elements.
  • We respect the logo by giving it some space on all sides. The minimum clear space is equivalent to the height of the symbol.
  • Logotype: Just as in print, when using a logotype in digital media, set the letters "Ruthless" with the "R" capitalized and the rest lowercase and in the same typeface and size as the rest of the line.
  • Script: For approved uses, artwork for the Ruthless script may be requested from Ruthless Trademark and Licensing.
  • Minimum Size And Small-Size Version: The width of the logo must always be at least 72 pixels for on-screen or 1” (25.4 mm) for print, and the height of the logo must always be at least 15.5 pixels for on-screen or .22” (5.5 mm) for print.
  • Also, remember to put a high degree of contrast between the Ruthless logo and its background. In Ruthless black, the logo can be used against white or neutral tints lighter than 30% black. Reversed to white, the logo can be used against darker neutral backgrounds (equivalent to 50% black or darker).


  • #000000

  • #ffffff


Avante Grande





You Should You Should Not
 Use the Ruthless Vapor logo to link to Ruthless Vapor  Use and/or create a modified version of the Ruthless Vapor logo
 Use the Ruthless Vapor logo to advertise our products in your store  Integrate the Ruthless Vapor logo into your company brand identity or logo
 Use the Ruthless Vapor logo in a blog or news article about Ruthless Vapor  Use the Ruthless Vapor logo in any other color besides the official Ruthless Vapor colors


  • Alteration of Color
  • Tilting of Graphic
  • Distorted Dimensions