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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What we Do

Helping Our Community and Advocating for An Alternative to Smoking


Fearless, powerful, ambitious and determined. That is Ruthless. #BeRuthless is our way of showcasing the strong individuals who have overcome life’s obstacles. We create brief yet poignant videos that put a spotlight on those who represent our brand and our message.

You can watch our videos, and maybe you can go out there and #BeRuthless yourself.


Everyone has a story to tell. Quitting cigarettes is a massive hurdle that many are not able to overcome. If you have quit, share your stories so that it may inspire others to do the same.


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The VTA has filed a lawsuit against the FDA and PMTA. Championing for the vape industry and those employed within it. And the people who continue to use vaping as a tobacco cessation method, and future users. PMTA is an application that will affect all in the vape industry. Vape Manufacturers must submit PMTA to market products legally in the US. Products such as vape juice or vape mods. Once submitted the FDA will have to review and approve. Sounds simple. But indecisiveness and changing deadlines are making this process difficult.

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teen vaping tips to prevent children from vaping
Teen Vaping: All You Need to Know As A Parent

Parents and lawmakers are demanding action. The cause? An epidemic of teens starting to use e-cigarettes and other vape devices. The outcry for action also causes pressure on makers of e cigarette devices, eliquid manufacturers, and vape shops. Pressure on them to do more to keep vape out of the hands of teens. Despite studies showing that they may not be fully to blame. As teenagers are getting vape juice, e cigarettes, or tobacco from other sources.

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ecc expo 2019 ruthless vapor
ECC Expo: Ultimate Guide 2019

Have you heard of ECC? ECC is a popular vape convention and Ruthless Vapor has been going since the beginning of times. If you're thinking about going to ECC, here are the top 5 reasons why you should go! 

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