WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Active Campaigns


Ruthless Vapor is promoting our largest campaign to date - #BeRuthless. This is much more than a hashtag. #BeRuthless is our way of showcasing the strong individuals who have overcome life’s obstacles. We create brief yet poignant videos that put a spotlight on those who represent our brand and our message. Fearless, powerful, ambitious and determined. That is Ruthless. Being Ruthless can be choosing a career in dance when everyone expected you to be a corporate climber. Being Ruthless can mean giving your all into your passion, creating a community of likeminded people.

Sometimes Ruthless individuals can be misunderstood, but not here. In this Ruthless family, your ability to adapt and overcome are your invitation to #BeRuthless. Any ambassador for this campaign exemplifies strength and the desire to pursue happiness, relentlessly. The #BeRuthless movement is allowing our family to grow in strength and in numbers. Each and every #BeRuthless video is meant to inspire you to push yourself to the limit. It's meant to encourage being yourself no matter what. We welcome you to join us as we promote a wealthy mindset, a victorious attitude and of course, a mentality that is Ruthless.


We are responsible for our industry. We are asking you to join the #NO2MINORS campaign to keep ENDS products away from the hands of minors. Underage vaping is now being considered an epidemic and we are responsible for spreading awareness to all shops and consumers to practice responsible marketing and business.

We have taken the initiative and have provided information and free resources to help in the fight. Our retail partners will be provided with free print materials for their shop(s).

Consumer Info

Made by adults for adults. We are taking extra precautions when it comes to our products and marketing practices. A major concern of the FDA is to determine how to best regulate the industry. Unfortunately, some brands have been highlighted in the industry who do not show the best our industry has to offer. Help us spread the word for the #NO2MINORS campaign.

Retailer Info

We must not stray away from the main goal of the vaping industry: to help adults in their fight to find a more satisfying alternative. The industry is being closely monitored by the FDA, while they admit that vaping may be an alternative to cigarettes, a large part of their concern are vaping products attracting minors. Along with our free print material, we have included information on the latest regulations and other resources. #NO2MINORS campaign is open to any size shop or business in our industry, we ask you to help in the fight and spread awareness.


We take pride in the fact that we go to great lengths to inform and educate about our products. It is important to us that everyone knows what we stand for. Under our Advocacy campaign, we have released several videos and blogs, through our multiple channels, with the sole purpose of informing and educating about product knowledge, state of the industry, ingredient information and more.

It is your right to know that Ruthless cuts no corners and uses only the highest quality ingredients when producing all of our E-liquid in our state of the art ISO 7 certified clean room. It is not an easy transition to giving up cigarettes, but we are confident that Ruthless stands tall among other smoking alternatives.

Ohio Tornado Fundraising

We at Ruthless Vapor Corp are preparing for a large-scale relief effort across the multiple states as Tornadoes and torrential rain continue to devastate the Mid-West.