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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Did Vaping Help You Quit Smoking?

Were you able to quit cigarettes by switching to vaping or e-cigarettes? How has vaping affected your life? Leave us your testimonial. We'd love to share it online. Your story may inspire someone else in their fight to quit smoking cigarettes.

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31 Testimonials

Adam Fury

July 31, 2019

I switched to vaping 2 years ago after nearly a decade of smoking cigarettes. I loved it so much I decided to create a vaping review website ( ) to help educate people about this healthy alternative.


July 09, 2019

I smoked about 15 years.
3 years ago, a friend of mine let me try an ecig.
from that day I threw the tobacco in the trash and I became a vaper

Ryan McCall

July 08, 2019

I started smoking Young , And Gradually became a very heavy smoker over a short time . I was up to 2 Packs of Marlboro Red a day , I had very severe sinus problems for a long time , sinus pressure and a smokers cough .I used to have atleast 2 dehabilitating Sinus headaches a week from smoking . But i kept smoking even though i knew it really affected my health . One Day i woke up with Severe Sinus Pain and i knew i couldnt do it anymore . I had tried nicotine gum , switching to dipping tobacco and snus or A Small Ecig bought in a gas station but nothing worked until that day i went to my local shop and purchased a variable voltage device and vanilla custard eliquid in a 12 Milligram . From that Day on I havent smoked nor had sinus issues ,I dont have a cough anymore and most of all i feel like im a non smoker , I Quit Smoking Roughly 6 Years ago with Vaping and havent looked back .

Kevin G.

July 08, 2019

I first started smoking cigarettes when I was working at Goldman Sachs as an analyst. I needed a way to cope with the massive amount of stress that came with the job. One cigarette a day turned into a pack a day within months. I was addicted, constantly reaching for a cigarette at even the slightest inconvenience to my day. One day my boss let me hit his Juul and shortly after I bought my own. Within a week cigarettes started to taste disgusting and my desire to smoke cigs completely disappeared. I thank vaping for stopping me from diving headfirst into a habit that would’ve slowly taken my life away.


July 08, 2019

I started smoking cigarettes socially. Then, like many others, smoking transformed into a necessity. I was young and naive thinking that cigarettes didn’t affect me, until it actually did. We all remember the morning coughs – “What color is my phlegm going to be this morning?”. The constant need to air out, being aware that I did smell like an ashtray.

Vaping has not only stopped my from smoking cigarettes, but it also gave me the mindset and kick I needed to actually care. Care about myself, and care about others i see struggling to kick the stick.

I feel better.

Without vaping, I most definitely would still be smoking cigarettes. Most importantly, without flavors, vaping would not have worked.

Rob B.

July 08, 2019

My family has always been at me for years about it, but it didn’t hit me until I was working on my daughters Lexus in my garage last year. I gave her my old Lexus, it is the one I drove for years. I was cleaning the inside when I noticed all of the ash and smell coming from the interior. I saw the holes from the burns left by cigarettes. It was kind of a visual representation of what I was. I was wreaking of smoke and my insides were full of ash. I wanted to show my daughter that I could clean up my life like I can clean up the car.

July 08, 2019

I started smoking socially at parties in high school. There was no reason I started, just one day I bummed a cigarette and the snowball effect happened. What started out as an occasional cigarette at a party turned into a craving when I smelled a lit cigarette. Eventually I was smoking at least 2 packs a week. My girlfriend at the time hated the smell, and I couldn’t visit my parents house without taking a shower first.

The first ejuice I tried was Ruthless Rise on Ice & I fell in love!
I bought a kangertech device the next day and a bottle of Rise. Now my all day vapes are Loaded Cran Apple Iced and Skirrr- Skir ( I love the menthols)

Alfonso C

July 08, 2019

I picked up my first cigarette at age 13, and smoked almost constantly for 22 years. I thought I would never quit, although in the back of my head I always wanted to. When I first found out about vaping it was sometime in early 2014, and I hadn’t had much knowledge about the transition up until this point. I tried going to different vape shops and had different people help me get set up. It was the youtube vape community that really motivated me to stop smoking, from consuming myself in vape content I was starting to think less and less about picking up another pack. It was tough, and I can’t say I quit cold turkey at first, but over time I can proudly say that I have 100% transitioned to only vaping. I am now working on decreasing my nicotine intake. I hope my story can maybe reach another smoker, and motivate them to put down the pack and try to pick up a vape. Thanks for listening guys!

Phil Antonio

July 08, 2019

I was an avid smoke before I started vaping, I can honestly say that vaping helped me quit smoking. Stopping smoking cigarettes has made me feel a lot healthier. I don’t feel out of breath when I go to the gym and I don’t wake up with that tight lungs feeling.

Raissa Kuzer

July 08, 2019

This is actually about my mom. She has been an on-and-off smoker all her life since she was 16. She did her best to quit smoking when she was pregnant (managed!) and when my sister and I were little (not so managed). Last year I got her a simple pod and some strong tobacco nicsalt and she did it, she could finally quit cigarettes! Being able to satisfy her cravings without the harmful effects (and smell!) was really liberating for her, and now she’s working on lowering the nicotine in her juice. She’s doing great, I’m proud of her, and we’re happy that we’ll have her around longer!


July 08, 2019

I used to smoke black and milds when I first got to college. I switched to vaping when I was 19, have been for the past 4 years on and off but the last 2 years have been more so, as my interest in the advocacy portion of the industry has taken off. Now I work at a vape shop, get to help smokers quit daily, and am part of my states smoke free association!

Alyssa Long

July 08, 2019

My testimonial is make the switch, I have never felt so good in the 15 years that I smoked. I’ve been vaping for 1 year, my fiance has been vaping for going on 4 years. We have so much energy, our clothes don’t smell anymore. Make the switch, Vaping saves lives. I switched but I was also given an ultimatum, he was tired of kissing me and my breath smelling like an ashtray, he said try his vape or kick rocks.

Kevin Dawe

July 07, 2019

I am 38 years old and I began smoking when I was just 11 years old. Approximately 10 years ago I began my vaping lifestyle and even tried to sell e-cigarettes door to door because I found I could stop smoking by vaping instead. The logic was clear in my mind; liquid vapour, pure nicotine and no carbon monoxide. The science wasn’t ‘in’ yet but it made sense to me and my personal experience solidified my feelings about it. Fast forward to 2014 – my father was waking up every day, coughing a wheezing from a 50 year smoking habit and my mother asked me to coach him through the experience of switching after many other failed attempts to quit with patches and pills. He stopped smoking on the 20th September – that very same day he got his first vape! He still vapes but has very little nicotine; it’s more for the physical habit rather than addiction. Just two weeks after switching his smokes for a vape, his morning hack and coughing fits were gone for ever.
Vaping saved my father and my life.
We don’t question seat belts or cycling helmets – as both help save lives (neither are without risk) – so why do we keep having to question vaping again? Ruthless e-liquid is tested for toxins and it’s made to market leading standards. I find myself back at that logical place again.. …why do people even smoke?

Jared Chipman

June 30, 2019

I smoked cigarettes for 15 years. Nothing I did helped me to stop. I tried everything. I was do tired of smelling like an ash tray and getting sick. I finally found relief in the form of e-cigarettes. It stopped the craving and satisfied my appetite for the oral fixation.
The flavors made all the difference in the world. Without them I would have never been able to commit to stopping. After 5 years now I feel so much better. I can run again and breathe better. Vaping truly saved my life. I feel blessed.
I’ve even met people that I would never have had the opportunity to meet. Amazing people in all forms. E-cigarettes have had more of an impact on my life than most people will ever understand. And Ruthless was a leader in quality vaping products from the start. Thank you Fam. You’ve truly helped change my life for the better. God Bless!!! Stay Ruthless

Lee sansom

June 27, 2019

I switched to vaping after using other methods of quitting failed to keep me off ciggeretes. And i have a heart condition so for me vaping has been a more safer and healthier option for me and i have never looked back on vaping after 4 years i still enjoy vaping very much and would reccommend anyone to quit using vaping


June 26, 2019

Vaping did get me off of cigarettes immediately hit a vape one time after i purchased a smok bec pro and been on cigarettes over 5 years since vaping saved my life literally if i did not stop smoking chances are i would have gotten cancer like most people and family i know from just smoking if you smoke i highly encourage to try to quit with vaping it will not only get those harsh chemicals in cigarettes but it will also save your life and family around you

Jeffery Robinson

June 26, 2019

I quit smoking tobacco cigarettes about 8 months ago and have never felt better … Vaping has saved my life … I wanted to be around to see my kids grow up and now I’m able to do that all thanks to vaping.


June 26, 2019

I started smoking cigarettes at the age of 12. My whole family smokes cigarettes. I’ve never had ANY intention to quit, cause well- growing up I’ve seen many failed attempts from others trying to kick the habit… at the age of 27, I was constantly sick, always hacking up mucus, shortness of breath just from walking or getting out of a truck (still had no intention of quitting cigs), and I did piss poor on my physical when trying to joined the US Army…. On a random day, my nephew (of all family members) had a vape mod called a cloud chaser, told me to hit his mod. Which I did, and I about damn near drowned in a flavor of sour apple and blue berry… I went 5-6 hours without a cigarette (mind you I was a heavy smoker then)… I found out my nephews ejuice was 0 nicotine…. I took the leap the next day and bought myself a cloud chaser mod and along with a 15ml Rutheless Ejuice (peach fuzz flavor) 24 lvl nicotine…. it’s now been over 4 years I haven’t once touched a cigarette ever since. I am down to 3 lvl and I can go months just vaping on 0 lvl and still happy… My health and lung function has majorly improved, I’ve lost weight, my teeth are whiter… I helped 2 friends kick their cig habit. I stand by Ruthless Ejuice as it has played a major roll of keeping me off cigarettes… I am now 31 years old, I passed my physical and am leaving in November for basic training for the NV Army National guard.


Travis Lee

June 26, 2019

I started smoking at 13 and went on til I was 17, what went from a couple cigarettes a day went to almost two packs a day….why some may ask, early in High school I was diagnosed with depression although I never wanted to take my life, I just wanted something that could shorten it little by little with every drag I enjoyed it. I knew I needed to quit, that day was December 5th, 2013 I quit smoking and switched over to vaping full time. I feel like I’ve gained so much of my life back, through out my time with vaping I started to get into advocacy and trying to help this industry because it helped me quit a nasty habit. I got my parents and brother to make the switch from smoking to vaping and it makes me proud to say that because they gained there life back. I owe my life to vaping, if it were to be banned/illegal then who knows how many people will go back to that harmful substance call “tobacco” thousands of people would die from it each year.
Thank you Ruthless for putting this whole thing together, I think with enough people giving out there testimony, the FDA and other individual’s could see the benefit of vaping and how much safer it is.


June 26, 2019

Vaping has changed my life. I used to be constantly out of breath, horrendous cough, and always stunk of cigarettes. Now I can breath freely, meaning I’m able to run around with my children again. It’s giving me my freedom and my life back. I no longer have to worry about smelling of cigarettes or that horrible colour between my fingers. The awful cough has gone. I know if it wasn’t for vaping I wouldn’t have the life I do now. I wouldn’t have that freedom

Shadi aloqaily

June 26, 2019

The only thing in all that you have tried from other names and products is the only one who has spent the desire of the cigarette and has the same heat as the cigarette without getting tired or causing you daily health problems not complete without strrizzy Or tropic thunder
Thank you ruthless

Leon Nass

June 26, 2019

OK well I was a smoker which I also decided as I had complaints from my wife and had my child in mind too.. So I first started out with the twist cue which I smoked like 24/7 as cravings where so hectic but I made a promise even thought the temptations where so high I had to push through as this was a promise I made to myself to leave the stinkies..once you leave it don’t look back keep pushing and ignore the inner voice telling you that you need it. Believe me once it’s gone it’s gone I tired a stinky a few months after a quit for a survey and I hated it the taste the smell of it and couldn’t do it. Who ever told you it would be easy was a lie but it ain’t that hard either, making a replacement for it which is way better and 100s of flavors and types to go for today I sit with my box mod and mech tube and don’t regret it what so ever feel better look better breathe better and more active and I owe it to vaping and the change made.. Sorry for the esay here😂🤣😂🤣 I LOVE VAPE🌬️💨🌬️💨🌬️💨

Alex castillo

June 26, 2019

Smoked since i was 14 kangertech subox mini came out around 2014 and i have not had a smoke since!…my mother passed away in 2007 she had a double lung transplant and a month later she passed away from a blood clot had a massave annyurism and that was last time i saw my mother..she had stopped smoking cold turkey for a year before her transplant without vape products…if only she had stuck around a little bit longer to see what the vape industry has done for many of those like her! say this is her testimony not mine!..she would have loved to try vaping if it were around back then!…anyways im just happy to not follow that trend!…glad to be a vaper!

Erick Isaias Guillen Vasquez

June 26, 2019

Quit smoking is not easy, but it’s not impossible, my vaping experience for 1.5 years have shown me how life can be better without smoke and how vaping proves to be one of the best alternatives to quit. There is a lot of false information on the internet but the best advice I can give you is, if you see a person vaping talk to him, ask him questions and ask him for this shop of preference, in order for you to be advised properly on the subject. The first thing you need is to have the determination to quit, after that go to a vape shop and let them help you get the device that you like, look for color, weight, cost, maintenance and then choose the flavor you love, initially will be tobacco since it the most common flavor for smokers to quit, then after months you can start tasting other flavors since within weeks of vaping you will not like or enjoy the real cigarette tobacco flavor or smell anymore. Give it a shot I know for a fact you will not regret it! Cheers to #Ruthless for this initiative! Vaping is Life!

Melliska Bezuidenhout

June 26, 2019

Vaping helped me got off the cigarettes for good. I have so much more energy breathing is so much easier. I smell fresher. Thanks to vaping i bought myself more time witn my family

Bill Welsh

June 26, 2019

Had a heart attack in March. Dropped the cigarettes and started vaping as soon as I left the hospital. I never looked back to the poisons.

Alan Dyer

June 26, 2019

8 years ago on May 20th I had my last cigarette thanks to vaping with the news of my first grandchild on the way I knew I had to make changes. My son soon to be a new dad decided to make the switch with me and our journey started, we supported each other and helped push through the tough times together. 2 years later we formed the Mod Squad Social Vaping Club to educate and encourage others to make the switch to vaping and currently have about 35 members across North America. Thanks to vaping and the support from the wonderful people in the vape community I have been nicotine free for about 4 years and the Mod Squad still continues to educate and help people make the switch including helping by donating some of our used mods to new vaper #vapingsaveslives #keepitcloudy


June 26, 2019

I was a heavy smoker and had no intention of quitting but then I had my daughter (10 years ago) and shortly after found out I had cervical cancer 😔. I obviously wanted to do everything I could to beat it to be here for my baby. So I had my treatment and then got referred for quitting smoking help through the doctors, the patches, gum etc done nothing, I still needed something so I purchased my 1st vape 😁 the 1st style Vapes didn’t work but I didn’t give up 👍 the industry Brough out new products and I tried again and this time it worked an Aspire K3 was what worked for me. I smoked for 3 days 30th, 31st of July and the 1st of August 2018 when my mum passed away suddenly but then I thought about my children and went straight back to vaping 😁. I am 10 years down the line, cancer free and I can run and play with my children without getting out of breath. To me that’s winning 🥇


June 26, 2019

Dear Ruthless,

Thank you for your efforts in helping others to quit smoking.

I started vaping in March of this year. I haven’t had a cigarette since. My life is way healthier now. I can hit the gym harder than ever before. Without having to deal with any of the breathing problems that used to be extremely stressful for me. Let alone the end of the agonizing morning headache and mucus that used experience from smoking.

Life is better now, with Ez Duz It on ice.
Sincerely yours,

Nathan Tojas

June 26, 2019

Smoked for about 7 years straight, and was hesitant to make the switch to vaping at first not thinking it would work. But then got really interested, and completely switched to vaping. As the years progressed I’ve noticed myself feeling better. FRESH air is actually fresh! My chest doesn’t hurt everyday when I wake up in the morning like it used to. These various vape devices have continued to change my way of being able to stay off traditional tobacco cigarettes. Never to look back.


June 26, 2019

I have been cigarette free for 5 months now. I was 13 years old when I started and I’m gonna turn 40 this year and It is all cause of vaping, I am not going back to nasty smoking I can’t believe that I ever started.