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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Logic Power and Logic Pro Authorized by FDA

Logic Power and Logic Pro Authorized by FDA


A few additional vapes have passed the FDA’s PMTA process - the Logic Power and the Logic Pro. Both. The Logic Vapeleaf, which is Logic’s heated tobacco product, passed the FDA’s PMTA process as well.

Only the tobacco flavor has been approved for the Logic Power and the Logic Pro. Menthol is still under PMTA consideration, as with many other menthol-flavored vapes. Considering there are talks of removing menthol from combustible tobacco markets entirely, it is likely the FDA is still unsure of how to handle menthol flavored vapes. Other flavors of the Logic Power and Logic Pro have been rejected. The FDA has currently only given PMTA approval to tobacco flavored vapes or heated tobacco products.

Prior to this, the Vuse Solo was the only vape to pass the PMTA process. Both Vuse and Logic are owned by large tobacco companies. Vuse is under British American Tobacco, and Logic is owned by Japan Tobacco International.

Although the FDA stated that they were prioritizing vapes that took up larger portions of the market share, neither Vuse nor Logic make up much in the US market compared to larger vape companies like Juul, who are still waiting for a decision on their PMTA. Additionally, the majority of the PMTA applications that have finished going through the process were from smaller companies.

The FDA’s slow actions have drawn criticism from pro-vape and anti-vape advocates alike. Anti-vape advocates are upset that the FDA has reached a verdict on the majority of the vape market. Pro-vape advocates are upset at the long decision time as well, as it appears that larger, tobacco-owned vape companies are receiving more consideration on their PMTA applications.


FDA Authorizes Logic Vapes as "Appropriate for the Protection of Public Health"

FDA permits another e-cigarette, pledges decisions soon on big brands - The Washington Post

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