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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How long do vape coils last? Tips to get the most out of your coils.

How long do vape coils last? Tips to get the most out of your coils.



To determine how long your vape coils will last first you must know that every situation will be different. From what type of vape device you are using to what e-juice you are vaping with. A variety of reasons will factor in how long before the coil should be replaced.

Such as:
  • The type of tank that you have
  • The quality of the particular coils
  • The voltage/wattage that you are vaping at
  • The rate at which you are vaping through your e-liquid
  • The type of juice you are vaping

On average, a decently constructed coil for a sub-ohm tank should last you 4 days to 1 week.

If you vape less because you cannot vape during work hours, or you do not vape throughout the day, then your coils are likely to last twice as long.

What volt do you vape at?
The voltage or wattage affects the longevity of your coil too because of the heat that is induced. The hotter the coil gets, the more juice that is boiled through the cotton and upon the coil, which means the rate of juice being vaporized is accelerated; this reduces the life of your coil because there is always a limit on amount of juice that can be vaporized through your coil before it’s finished.

What does the vape cotton look like?
Eventually the cotton will reflect this deterioration with poor flavor, and eventually the coloration of the cotton within the coil as well. You cannot always see the deterioration of the coil and cotton from the outside of the tank though. When you begin tasting a lack of flavor or sometimes a weird burnt flavor, you know your coil is just about done. If you open your tank and look at the inside of the coil and on the inside of the coil, the cotton looks dark brown, then your coil surely needs to be replaced.

What vape juice are you using?
The type of flavors you vape can be a factor as well. E-liquids with added sweeteners in them cause additional corrosion of the coil, and this will cause your coil to burn out much faster as the corrosion seeps into the cotton. E-liquids without added sweeteners differ as well. Typically, savory and dessert flavors will also reduce the life of your coil in comparison to fruit and candy vape flavors.

Knowing what is in your vape juice can help you determine a cause for why your coils are burning out faster. Compare this with other e-liquids you use to see which one is the culprit of killing your coils.

How can your vape tank burn coils faster?
The type of tank you have can also make a difference because some types of coils and tanks are more efficient than others. For example, Smok branded tanks are notorious for not only leaking, but coils burning out quickly due to a lack of quality control in their manufacturing process. Geekvape is a well-known brand for quality and their coils typically last twice as long as Smok coils. There are also disposable tanks as well. The Freemax Gemm disposables will last a few days at most, but the Sikary Nunu tank lasts as long as your average coil, usually about a week.

One last thing...

When gauging your coil, it’s important to consider all these factors. If you’re building your coils and you have an RDA, the quality of the coil is dependent on your abilities to build. If you are properly changing your cotton, cleaning your coils, and you have a well-built coil, typically you can extend the life of your coil to a couple months or more and maintain the flavor of your vapor.

How long have you gone without changing your coils? Let us know down below.

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December 12, 2022

I just bought a Nord 4 3 and a half weeks ago, and I haven’t had to change the coil yet, I’m coming up in 3k puffs and have my wattage at 50. This is my first time vaping as I’m quitting smoking cigarettes. I’ve been cigarette free for 10 days already!!


September 26, 2022

Me and Wife been using the Geekvape Z1Z2 coils in the “Zues” tank for over 2 years now. She vapes in the 48-55 range, I do 72-80 watts. She does get more time on her coils than I by about 2 days it seems. My device has a counter, with Dark liquids about 1200 puffs, on clear liquids about 1600. Wife gets 1800+ on her coils with clear liquids. We both would agree flavor is great, and cloud production id say a 7 of 10. Its not RDA clouds, but no leaking, no dripping, and no building is a fair trade off to me.


September 26, 2022

Ive used the zeus tank it always leaks ,my best coil by far is the tfv18 tank with dual coils by smok its the very best tank i feel .It can go a month or longer ,its not cheap for sure but if you keep tank full and dont burn it ,ive found and havent done it yet but im going to boil it when it needs cleaning and i would use ether alcohol but not much else or just plain water or distilled water as such has been suggested .coil can last no longer than 6 months i figure ,ive wasted lots but im homing in on the use of the coil thanks all for your input we are not al far off on hoe to prolong coil life .One other thing ive had a arc fox mod its been greatest so far and ive had lots of others that failed its by smok ty late Don H


September 26, 2022

I have the Geek vape Z and iv had no issues with it, i push 40 to 50watts in TCR mode 370F temp have to replace coils weekly and i got threw 100ml of juice weekly, cloud nerd was my go too but that stuff burns the coils out in 3 days so i stick with Hi drip which i have no issues, iv tried many other juices but thats my go too, I started with smok brand and went threw 4 or 5 models with 4 to 5 different tanks CAUSE THEY ALL WOULD LEAK, I tryed changeing seals everything, since i got my Z my only downfall is the coils don’t last as long as I would want them to but it does not leak and it is a sturdy piece of equipment because I have dropped it many times, I have broken two glass so I keep the little condom sleeve on my tank.

Mr. Cloud

June 29, 2022

I’m on a GeekVape Aegis Boost Pro and I can generally get about 2000 puffs off each coil, roughly about a week-ish (depending on if im working or have days off). I’ve switched from wattage to TC-TCR and keep my Temps lower to get a more flavorful vapor- around 370°. Although this is the first I’ve heard about sweeter juices running through coils faster. I may have to check into that more.


June 29, 2022

G’day I run a Geekvape using Gt4 sub .17 ohm . I vape a about 4lm per day the average life of my coils is 2 to 4 weeks with a little regular cleaning ( using a rolled up tissue or cotton bud though the mouth piece to soak up the dark build up on to of the coil every 2 or so days) I have also deconstructed my old coils and inspected microspicly and have not see any corrosion I’ve even clean my coils ultrasonicly and gotten an further 2 weeks use


February 01, 2022

It must be the low wattage but mine last a long time it’s a nord 2 with nord 1.4 coil with 25 mg nic salt great flavor and clouds

Geek Vape

January 28, 2022

Great post!! Thank you for sharing with us.


February 01, 2022

I vape the Smok RPM 2S and exusively vape Smok because of the availability of coils and supplies everywhere else. With that being said, I basically change the coil when I read 2000-2500 hits. 7-10 days. I vape the RPM .4ohm coil and it works the best. No atomizer errors, which has been an issue with other RPM coils, I could probably go to 3500 hits without desperately needing to change the coil, and the battery life at 25w is great and I can get over a day on one battery.


December 27, 2021

I use two diffrent mods, been using the SMOK Scar-18 that comes with the TFV9 Tank for proababily around 2-3 years, the coils that i used to use lasted a lot longer the V9 Mesh coils, those lasted anywhere from 2-3 weeks on high voltage and miss use (igniting with no juice in the tank) but i got savy and vaped around 60-75 wats (ohm resets to recomended detection on mod) after i dropped down to 55-64 and the coil would last around a month and a half. {Keep in mind I vape heavily} Now that those coils are harder to find and the smoke shop i buy them from sells the universal V8 baby beast mesh coils these have a LOT shoter life span. These coils are poorly made, some coming fresh out of the pack (I would gestimate about 1 out of every 20 coils) dont even screw on my mod and I have to take them back. For me I just smoked a 60 mil bottle in 3 and a half days these coils last around two weeks. But I am always vaping custard or desert flavors. The second mod was a gift from a friend, it is a SMOK NORD 4. The coils I am using are the RPM 2 Mesh coils. These coils were only lasting me around 2 weeks but now they seem to last around a month or so (I did turn down the wattage) When i was desprate I used to save my old coils and put them in a pan and boil them for about a half hour over the stove and agitated them by shaking them in the hot water using tongs. This added an additional two weeks on the coils which was cool though they had some resigual flavor on them and some coils were so dirty i had to get a cue-tip and scrub the actual coil part because there was burnt on crud on the coils. I dont recommend this because it sometimes leaves a stain ring around your pot which is hard to get off. But its a cool concept you get to see all the nasty stuff that comes out at the bottom of the pan! Hope this is useful to all of you. And yes I can confirm that smoking desert/custard flavors compared to say a Licorice flavor that would last me twice as long on the same settings and coil.

Riccardo Ferracin

November 30, 2021

I’ve been using a Swag PX80 Pod Kit by Vaporesso for the last four months.
First two GTX coils lasted 10 days (using the device at 40 watts).
The third one (the one I’m using now) has been used for the last TWO MONTHS and still ok (using the device at 20 watts). Impressed!


November 30, 2021

I got my Smok 4 Nord kit 3 weeks ago and I am still on the coils it came with. I got extras but had no need to replace them.
Counter said 999 + 181 puffs.. I wonder how long will it keep lasting.

Puff Puff

September 07, 2021

I have been using Geek Boost .6 ohm coils with Cassandra Liquids brand salt nic for a while. I have had many devices in the past; sub ohm (RDA, RTA RDTA) squonkers, etc. but now I found a salt nic I actually like so switched. The SMOK coils last about the same for me in the same size but the flavor is not the same. This article goes over quality control and brings up the 2 brands. It’s spot on. I have the Geek Hero because I had the Aegis forever and this is the coolest little bro to Zeus. Flavor is outstanding and I go minimum 10 days @ 18-21 watts. Back in April of this year when I was worried about the mail ban I ordered 10 boxes of coils. Last week was the first coil by Geek that had a little piece missing. In the past with SMOK sub ohm coils there was always something wrong with at least one in a pack.
Geek has been my go to for over a year.


August 23, 2021

I’m using geek vape mesh in the Zeus max tank and I’m going on three weeks. I’ve vaped around 240 mls of noms 2 juice. By far longest lasting I’ve ever used. Still good clean full flavor hits at 75 watts. Very impressed.


March 29, 2021

I’ve been using the kylin 2 RTA and my coils last about 2-3 months and I re-wick every 2 days


March 08, 2021

i have been using the Smok Triple Mesh coils and i must say i’m hell of surprised how long these last. i have exchanged mine about 10 days before Christmas and today i’m still using it on fruity flavors… the best coils i ever had for sure.


February 18, 2021

Thanks for writing this article.


January 18, 2021

My coils last from 5-7 days. Geek vape mesh are my choice with a vaporesso mod.


December 18, 2020

Mine last not long really about 3 days I’m using VooPoo drag X

Punk Juice

February 05, 2020

Hello team….I like your blog and your views about it.As you mentioned about vape juice flavours I love Binjai XL Stawpeach brings the experience of the sweet taste of strawberry, and peach mix to give it a great vaping sensation.

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