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FDA Requests PMTA Extensions

FDA Requests PMTA Extensions


The PMTA vape deadline may soon be included in the list of things disrupted by the coronavirus. The FDA has filed a request for an extension for the deadlines of the pre market tobacco applications. 

The extension would extend the deadline by 120 days. That would place the new deadline on September 9, 2020.

The FDA claims that they do not have the resources to focus on the PMTA approval process while they are focusing on handling the pandemic. Additionally, testing for the PMTAs are being delayed due to disruptions in travel, lab testing, and the transportation of materials to be used in PMTA testing. Additionally, many labs that would have been used for product testing are focusing on countering the pandemic. 

The request has not yet been approved by a court. Until it is approved, May 12, 2020 deadline is still the official deadline for PMTA  applications. However, if it is approved, it would allow vapor products to stay on the market for a few more months, and companies would have more time to request product testing and submit an application. 

The extension would be a relief to vapers outside the United States as well. Vapers will have more time to order juice from their favorite juice and equipment companies with less worry about the possible legality issues from travel bans and manufacturing delays. 

Overall, it would be a very good thing if it passes - not only would stores that are closed for shelter in place not have to worry about having illegal stock, the FDA nor vape businesses would be forced to deal with vaping regulations when their attention should be elsewhere. 


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