Everything You Need to Know About Vape Cloud Competitions

July 10, 2017


Cloud Competitions: What Are They and Where Are They?

Cloud Chasing has become a popular sport that has caught fire among the vape community. As vape rigs, mods and atomizers keep advancing over the years, new and old vape-enthusiasts will continually push the limits of their cloud production in hopes of winning a vape competition.


Anyone who has ever vaped or blown smoke before knows how awesome and intriguing it is to watch the physics of our mouth manipulate the exotic movement of vapor “cloud chasing”. Due to the rising popularity of vaping, many have learned to take their exhale to the next level, often demonstrating their skills in public or in front of friends, while privately practicing at home.

The dazzling displays of their vaping talent attracts thousands every year to attend live competitions of cloud chasing. Participants must be of legal age and can choose between events such as best tricks, biggest cloud and more.

Everything You Need to Know About Vape Cloud Competitions - Ruthless Eliquids

Where Can I Attend a Vaping Competition?

Depending on your skill level and ability to produce clouds, experienced vapers can choose between local and international competitive vaping events. Many vape stores and smoke lounges may even hold their own events and allow the public to attend. Be sure to check with your local stores if they plan on holding competitive events in the future, then begin training.

One of the biggest competitive cloud chasing events is the VC Cloud Chasing Championship, hosted by Vapor Capitol. Over the years this event has attracted thousands of attendees who come to watch their favorite professional vapers compete in blowing the best clouds in hopes of taking home cash prizes of up to $10,000, custom mods, sponsorships and more.

VC Cloud Chasing Championship

Every year, the Vape Capitol team hosts an annual tour around the US to host the VC Cloud Chasing Championship in major states and cities such as Texas, California, Washington, Florida, New Jersey and more. Competitions are generally held at the most popular vape lounges in the area and everyone is invited to come down to participate!

Contestants can sign up on the Vape Capitol events page. Cash prizes and custom mods are awarded to participants who place in the top 10 of each category. Finalists who advance to the last stage will have the chance to compete at the Vape Capitol headquarters in Los Alamitos, and the grand final will be held in Orange County, California.

Vape Cloud Competitions - Ruthless E-Juices

3 Things to Remember on Competition Day


1. Choose High VG and Low PG E-Juice

Most competitions provide their own E-Juice to keep things fair. However if you have the chance to choose, use E-Liquids that have a very high VG solution base and little to no PG.  The higher the VG to PG ratio, the thicker the cloud production is.

2. Build a Good Mod with High Wattage

Copper mechanical builds, or mods that are extremely conductive, are the best ways to produce massive clouds due to the high voltage which allows higher cloud production. Also remember to keep a strong battery with plenty of charge which is bound to go out quick.

3. Master Your Breathing Technique

By far the most important element in winning professional cloud chasing competitions is using your lungs. Exhale all the air from your system before taking your vape. As they say, put your back into it by straightening up when inhaling and leaning forward when blowing out.





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