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2021 - Year in Vaping Review

2021 - Year in Vaping Review


2021 is coming to an end. Though nobody was expecting 2021 to be an easy year, it has been a particularly rough year for vaping. Here's a summary of the major events that happened this year.

At the beginning of the year, the deadline for PMTA submissions had recently passed and was still fresh on everybody’s minds. However, the FDA was silent on the PMTA for a good amount of the year.

While waiting for the results of the PMTA, other legislation was passed, most noticeably, the USPS mail ban. The USPS was no longer allowed to deliver mail containing vape products. Private companies were still allowed to deliver vape, but had to file paperwork regarding the packages delivered. There was enough paperwork required that larger shipping companies, such as FedEx, decided not to deliver vape products either. Eventually, smaller, vape-focused delivery companies developed and online shipping continued to exist, albeit at a higher price.

Then, while the Black Lives Matters tension from the previous year was still running high, a controversial action by the Maryland Police put vaping back on the news. A group of Black teenagers were subjected to police violence over vaping over the Maryland Boardwalk. This was a clear example of how stricter laws on vaping could end up hurting the youth that the laws were meant to protect.

Eventually, the FDA reached its own deadlines for the PMTA and started issuing MDOs. The vaping companies that were still around either closed down, switched to tobacco-free nicotine, or went to court.

And now, 2022 is looking to be another eventful year. Many of the court cases regarding the MDOs have yet to reach conclusions. The Omicron variant is starting to drive the number of COVID cases up again. While the Build Back Better bill is unlikely to pass, the threat of a high federal vape tax still exists.

For now though, enjoy the holidays and stay safe!

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