WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Tropic Thunda Nicotine Salt


Tropic Thunda Nic Salt

Primary E-juice Flavors:  Guava and Berries

Ratio: 50VG / 50PG

Nicotine Levels: 35 mg and 50 mg

Sizes: 30 ml

Device: Low wattage pod systems | Not for Sub-ohm use due to high nicotine strength 

Collections: Nicotine Salt E-juices 

Type: Salt Nicotine

Tropic Thunda Nicotine Salt E-juice 

RUTHLESS Tropic Thunda Premium E-liquids are designed with unbeatable precision and only the best American-made E-juice ingredients. Every Tropic Thunda E-juice bottle is subjected to a ruthless quality control process. If a liquid doesn’t pass our high standards, it doesn’t earn the rUTHLESS label. Simple as that.

Tropic Thunda Nic Salts - a strike of tropical goodness right in your vape!  


For the devoted fruit lovers, tropic thunda is ripe for the picking. If you love guava juice, you’re going to like this flavor even more.

Tropic thunda salt nic was explicitly made for low wattage devices to give you the same flavor intensity as you would with a sub-ohm vape. The nic salt is perfectly blended with the right amount of guava and a blast of berries to give you a concentrated punch of fruit galore.

On the inhale, you’ll instantly get a blast of guava with an ultra smooth throat hit due to the creamy texture of guava. With the combination of fresh berries, it’ll add a distinct sweetness that completes the flavor leaving you refreshed and satisfied. When the storm of tropical flavors strikes your taste buds, it will take your mind to a paradise that will get you through any day! Tropic Thundaaaa!

Enjoy peeps!  

Tropic Thunda Salt Nic E-JUICE

  • Blended perfectly for pod systems
  • Ultra smooth
  • Blast of creamy guava
  • Sweet berries to give you that pep in your step
  • Striking flavors of tropical goodness

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