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FDA Flavor Ban: Flavored Vape Targeted. What About Alcohol?

FDA Flavor Ban: Flavored Vape Targeted. What About Alcohol?


May 24, 2019

Flavored vape seems to be a hot-button issue within the industry.

The FDA and other government entities are threatening to take away flavors in all vapor and tobacco products. Although the FDA uses the excuse that minors are attracted to flavors, the plain simple fact is that MOST adults who vape enjoy flavored products. Vape manufacturer’s use flavors to give smokers an enticing option to help them quit combustible tobacco, and quit smoking for good.

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As an adult, what would you rather taste, tobacco, or a mixture of fruit? Even though that answer is subjective, countless adults are constantly kicking their cigarette habit using flavored vape products. With the ability to select from a list of vape flavors that's constantly growing in the industry. Along with different vape nicotine methods to cure a smoker's nicotine fix.

Simple fact, flavors help people quit smoking cigarettes. And the FDA Vape Flavor Ban reduces the options that might persuade cigarette smokers that are thinking about switching to vape.

Just because something has a sweet profile, it does not mean it is intended for kids. Take, for instance, alcohol. In grocery stores across the country, you can find flavored alcohol packed onto shelves. From cotton candy vodka to horchata infused rum, there is no shortage of sweet adult beverages. And while there are similar vape juice flavors to mixed alcoholic drinks like apple martinis or margaritas, flavored alcohol products are not getting the same push back from the FDA.

Ruthless Blog Flavor Ban Vaping for Adults

There is no question that underage drinking is an issue, the CDC has even acknowledged that fact. According to the Youth Risk Behavior Survey that was conducted in 2017, 30% of high school students drank some amount of alcohol. Where is the media backlash on this epidemic?

The point is not to demonize alcohol. On the contrary, it is just further proof that just because something has a bit of flavor, it shouldn’t be taken away from adults. 

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