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Outside the box opinion of vaping

September 04, 2018

About 4 score and a million years ago I used to smoke cigarettes. Alright, actually it was really only about 1 score and 7 years ago. If i'm going to quote Abraham Lincoln I better be honest right? You know, because of that other reference about him? Honest Abe.

Okay, so back to the point. About a bunch of years ago I used to be a traditional smoker and for a long time. I used to smoke many different types of imported cigarettes and one domestic brand I particularly liked. I won't share the brands here but let's just say that both the domestic sub brand and the import brands I chose were very harsh. It was basically like lighting a small tree branch on fire, sticking it in my mouth and trying to smoke that (harsh). I am not even really sure if I liked that type of cigarette or not? It was just something I wanted.

Anyywayyss, enough about my personal taste in cigarettes. I sorta stopped smoking on my own back then. There were a number of different reasons. One was, my clothing reeked of smoke on a daily basis. Another was that I had “dragon breath”. Not the best for up close social circle stuff. It was sorta expensive to buy cigarettes based solely on the idea that I couldn't validate in my mind smoking these little sticks for so much money when they were literally, and I mean literally burning away in my hands right before my eyes. Lastly, I wasn't feeling very good physically. I didn't have a smokers cough but I could feel almost a “tarish” feeling in my chest. But that was me. Where am I going with this? Nobody wants to read another public awareness warning letter right? There are already internet servers out there jam packed with these types of blog entries. Let focus on on what the title of this entry is. My outside the box opinion of Vaping. As you read this please read all the way through to the part or section in this blog called “Technology!” because I will be asking for your help in choosing my vaping device or devices. Pods, box mods, Vape pens? What is all this? But for now...

Its a Cult! I meant it’s got Culture:

What is vaping? Hey, admit it. At some point in your life you all had to ask that! Don't get me wrong however, I didn't have to ask that for myself yesterday. I knew what vaping was for years but actually...I really didn't REALLY know what vaping was after all until now. Now being exposed to vaping and the vaping industry in general it has opened my eyes to a completely different world and sub culture that has blown me away! I had no idea there was so much to the vaping culture like I've seen now. Trending topics, Phrases and nomenclature like e juice. Wow, a juice from the future? E Juice! Well, it’s not exactly like that is it? It’s not the juice that gives away its moniker of E. Its actually the devices that are used to heat it up into a vapor so you can vape it. Sometime back in the history of smoking there was a device invented called an e-cigarette and the e stood for electronic. The juice in the e-cigarette device is the e-juice or e-liquid. All of you already know this. I didn't know this at first. There have to be others just like I was.

Here to stay but still moving forward:

This leads me to now think of all the different categories, devices used, e-juice flavors, e-juice types, and slang for the vaping world etc… There is so much to learn about it and there is so much language and technical jargon to learn also. Essentially, you need to know a lot just to consider the idea of vaping in my opinion. This leads me to mention that this industry has been around for some time and it’s not just an overnight fad or flash in the pan movement. This is a serious industry with a lot of moving parts and choices. Great choices if you ask me. For a more comprehensive guide to vaping and the nomenclature go here. Alternatively you can go here. This article is a great glossary of vape terminology to help you start using some of the words used in the world of vaping.

You use a KEY to open that door?:

Once, recently the battery in my key fob for the remote to my car went dead. I had to use the actual normal, metal key to open the door. My 8 year old daughter freaked and said “You use a KEY to open the door!?” Except in the future (probably next month) people will say. “YOU USE ACTUAL FIRE TO SMOKE THAT CIGGY?  So that’s what’s been on my mind for e-liquid and it’s flavors. Not just the e-liquid but the e-cigarettes / vape pens and other actual hardware. What am I even talking about? Audience, help me out in the comments below. There seems to be a lot of tech here. Am I wrong? I haven't even gotten to the point where I choose my device in which to vape from. I need your help out there! What would any of the current vapers out in the world have to say to me in the comments section here? What advice can you give me with all of this. I really do want all of you to contribute and give me your input. Ultimately I am going to make a choice and I am open to all good suggestions and great advice!


Reflecting on all the information above I just have one ultimate thought about the vaping industry, vapors themselves, pods, box mods, e juice/e liquid, flavors, and vape pens or e-cigarettes. I love all the choices! I personally know a good life long friend who just quit smoking and started vaping and he loves it. I got a lot of input from him. My opinion is I am excited to try vaping and I hope I do it correctly and nobody makes fun of me as I accidentally try to vape from the wrong end of a pod mod. Once again any input from our readers would be very helpful and informative. I could use the help. I've read some of our own blogs like our entry on the evolution of vaping devices here. That article answers many, many questions about vaping BUT it opens up a lot more questions. Since I feel like the vaping industry is moving so quickly and is so dynamic we need updates and user input! We want to use your input!

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