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Mexico Bans Vapes

Mexico Bans Vapes


Mexico passed a decree that prohibits the “circulation and marketing” of electronic tobacco delivery systems, including both vapes and tobacco heaters. A previous general importation and tax law meant that vapes were already illegal to import and sell. 

However, sales were still taking place under the table and domestically, so the government went one step further and banned the circulation and marketing of vape products. Additionally, there are several campaigns going on to locate and seize vaping products, as they are all now black market devices. 

Although vaping is not as large of the market as traditional tobacco, vaping products were targeted due to their perceived marketing towards youth and the perception that vaping acts as a gateway drug.

During debates regarding the previous tax law and the new vape ban, concerns were raised about encouraging the tobacco black market in Mexico. The primary concerns were inability to regulate and tax the vape market.

According to the Mexican Federation of Business Chambers, illegal tobacco represents 19% of the total tobacco market in Mexico. Given the size of the illegal market, loss of income taxes, jobs, and control over products that will definitely arise are concerning issues. 

Since import, circulation, and sales are banned, along with vaping itself in many public places, one of the more notable takeaways is to not bring vapes when traveling to Mexico - whether are traveling by plane or by car. 


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