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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How much money will you save by switching from smoking to vaping?

How much money will you save by switching from smoking to vaping?


April 27, 2018

If delicious flavors and cool devices that cater to recent x-smokers aren’t enough to really pull you over to the vaping side, the true cost difference between vaping vs smoking cigarettes will make it hard not to make the switch. Based on average tendencies, even light smokers could have a cost benefit from switching over to closed or open pod systems using nicotine salt. Let’s compare prices!

The average cost of a cigarette is anywhere between $5 and $13 (if we are being real, decent smokes cost more like $8 to $13). Now, compared to buying a new set up which is around $20 and extra pods or bottles of nic salt for about $10 each it seems like vaping is more expensive! But when you break it down, the device will last at least a year and the juice will last a month even if you are a chain vaper. Also, that pack will only last at most about a week if you are a very light smoker. Already you can see that vaping has some huge cost saving effects in the long run if you can make that initial leap.

Well, what about replacement pods and cartridges? Replacement pods and cartridges are another cost of vaping but will only run you about $2 - $5 per and last about a week for a light vaper; a heavy vaper will go through a cartridge every 3 days. Again, compared to $10 smokes, this is cheap.

The total price breakdown for an average vaper would average out to about $2 a day, $62 a month or $748 per year. You can even round that up to $800 per year if you’d like to add some cushion for extra juice flavors or another pod system. These numbers are based on a $13 juice price point, $20 pod system and $5 replacement pods on a 3 day turn around.

For an average smoker that smokes 3 $10 packs a week, that’s $1440 per year. For a heavy smoker that smokes 1 to 2 packs a day that’s $3600 to $7200 per year. The number are stagarring, and let’s not forget the extra little snacks we buy when we walk into a 711 to buy those packs of smokes and the ridiculous amount of lighters we buy and lose.

No matter which way you spin it, it is pretty clear that vaping has trumped smoking on many different levels. What’s holding you back from making the switch?

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