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Check Out the E-Juice Wholesale Site by Ruthless

July 15, 2017

Discover Your Favorite Brands on the E-Juice Wholesale Site by Ruthless

Ruthless Vapor Wholesale

When you are new to the vaping realm, you can become a little overwhelmed by the influx of information on the internet. For instance, you may believe that finding an e-juice is the easiest part when it comes to vaping. However, if you are even the slightest bit of an indecisive person—prepare to spend at least an hour trying to makeup your mind. Even for those who don’t consider themselves to be indecisive, you may STILL be in trouble. Why? Because there are hundreds upon thousands of options when it comes to e-juices. Probably the biggest problem when it comes to e-juices is that just about everything looks delicious. But the main question is: what kind of deliciousness does your heart desire.? Do you like sweet, fruity, or creamy? What kind of PG and VG ratio should you start out with? Forget the flavor, do you dig a slight throat kick or a hard one? This article is written to sort through your decision-making mess and minimize your time searching for the holy grail of e-juices.  

Ruthless Vapor Wholesale: Your Home-Base

When you are looking for an e-juice for the first time, you will find that there are way too many sites to chose from! Brands have their own websites, which is all fine and dandy...but where do you go to if you want a complete overview? After all, it’s not like there is only one e-juice brand that is delicious to vape! There are endless amounts of options to chose from. Our recommendation? Finding where your home-base should be. This is where Ruthless Wholesale E-Liquids come into play.

On, all Ruthless brand e-juices are produced in house in a GMP Certified Facility and State of the Art Clean Room. They also produce e-juice for over 30 other brands in the industry. The main focus of this vape juice whole site is:

  • Flavors: Providing premium e-juice flavors. Not just any brand gets to be on the website. The vape flavors have to be amazing to make the Ruthless cut!
  • Quality: High quality is achieved by using ingredients that are the best in the vape industry. You will taste the difference very quickly when it comes to a brand with cheap, low quality ingredients, and a brand with high quality.
  • Affordable Prices: Yes, it is possible to get great quality at an affordable price. On the website there are promotions for Cyber Monday, Memorial Day discounts, and other seasonal promotions as well.
  • Bulk: For all you vape vendors out there, Ruthless Wholesale offers e-liquids in bulk, with  a current offer of free shipping for purchases that are over $500 (excluding distributors). Also a huge plus? They cover the California tobacco tax on the wholesale site.

Once Upon a Vape...The Story of Ruthless Vapor

Ruthless Vapor Inc. was established in the sunny state of California. After the 2011 introduction to the vaping industry, Ruthless took the vaping industry by storm by manufacturing its very-own vape juice collection. However, these weren’t just any e-juices—they were created to be premium with the highest quality of USA-made ingredients and flavors. After hard work and dedication, millions of bottles have been sold of Ruthless E-Liquids. The main inspiration? Your favorite candy. For starters, one of the best-selling vape juice, “EZ Duz It” is a fruity watermelon-strawberry mixture inspired by the juiciest of candy. One other bestseller, “Swamp Thang”, is a sweet and sour e-liquid based on apple hard candy. All Ruthless e-liquids are available now in 15ML, 30ML, 60ML and 120ML bottle sizes, as well as 0MG, 3MG, 6MG and 18MG nicotine levels.

All Hail the Awesome Brands

The passion for vaping is contagious and it is a passion that is shared by other amazing e-juice brands and retailers. Other awesome vape liquid brands in the business are united with Ruthless on a single common goal: creating the tastiest vape experiences to ever exist. At Ruthless Vapor, we are grateful enough to manufacture e-liquids by some of the best brands in the business! View the list below the delicious e-juice brands we have been able to feature on Ruthless Wholesale.

  • Aloha Whip
  • Bake It Vapor
  • Bare Naked
  • Big Fat Juice
  • BLVK Unicorn
  • Collector’s Edition
  • Cream Puff
  • Dopegurt
  • Frooty
  • Frozen Custard
  • Funnel Cake Factory
  • Gost
  • Got Cookies
  • Naughtea
  • OSML
  • Select Vape
  • Str8
  • Sweet Stash
  • TBC
  • TFC
  • The Breakfast Club
  • Vape Crepe
  • Zour

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