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Cambodia Bans Vapes Twice

Cambodia Bans Vapes Twice


One of the difficulties in regulating vaping has been the constantly evolving state of the market. Not only has the FDA had issues defining problematic vapes, other countries have as well. This has led to a second ban on vaping products in Cambodia. However, this ban includes HTPs (Heated Tobacco Products), which means IQOS and similar devices would be banned in Cambodia.

Cambodia’s laws follow the general anti-vape sentiment of other South Eastern Asian countries. Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand and others are among South East Asian countries that have banned vaping products. Vietnam has announced it would also ban heated tobacco products as well.

The Cambodian National Authority for Combating Drugs (NACD) has generally sourced the WHO’s studies as a reason for banning electronic cigarettes. They primarily argue that vapor products act as a gateway drug for more dangerous substances. They also point out that there is a risk of spreading COVID because people are sharing vapes. Sharing vapes would be an activity that would allow COVID to spread, and we would advise against doing so.

However, despite vapes being outlawed for seven years already, they show concern regarding vapes being sold on social media. This suggests a black market has developed in wake of vapor products being banned.

Although the NACD has not commented on a reason for re-banning vapes, it is likely that they wanted to expand the definition to include HTPs, and to emphasize that vapes are indeed banned and should not be sold.


This Time We Really Mean It: Cambodia Bans Vaping Again

Cambodia bans e-cigarettes

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