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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Australia Moves Ahead with Prescription Vaping

Australia Moves Ahead with Prescription Vaping


Australia is once again moving forward to making vapes prescription only. A few weeks ago, government officials announced legislation intended to limit access to eliquids, giving vapers and doctors only two weeks to prepare. The decision was delayed to January 2021. Recently, the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) has released more information on what the legislation will look like, as well as opening up the legislation to public comments.

Currently, it is illegal to order vape liquids without a prescription. Each order should only have 3 months of supplies for personal use at most. Most vapers did not bother getting a prescription or following the import restrictions - it was widely known that the restrictions were not enforced.

What the Australian government wants to do is to start enforcing the restrictions that are already in place, starting January 2021. This means current vapers would have to get a prescription to continue vaping. Additionally, Colin Mendelsohn, the Founding Chairman of the Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association has hinted that customs will be changed so even with a prescription , vapers will no longer be allowed to buy their own eliquids for personal consumption.

“Getting a prescription” is not as simple as it sounds either. First, vapers must find a doctor that is willing to prescribe eliquids, and knows enough about vaping to not write a ridiculous prescription.

Knowing the strength and amount of ejuice anyone will need can be complicated. There is a reason why there are many articles on choosing the strength of your ejuice. Expecting a doctor who has never vaped to prescribe an e liquid is asking for many disappointed vapers.

Additionally, many doctors do not seem to care about prescribing eliquids. Only eight general practitioners have expressed interest in prescribing vapes, and they may be required to have permits to prescribe those vapes at all. The Pharmacy Guild has also stated that it is uninterested in selling vapor products.

In contrast to all that, cigarettes are still 100% legal and purchasable by adults in stores. And that is the most frustrating part of most anti-vape actions, Australia’s included. Everyone, including current vapers and smokers who want to quit, have little incentive to quit when cigarettes are so much easier to access.


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