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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Aussie Vape Day Launches May 30

Aussie Vape Day Launches as New Study is Released



Happy Aussie Vape Day!

If you have not heard of this holiday that is okay, as it’s brand new to Australia. This first ever Aussie Vape Day marks the day right before World No Tobacco Day, which is May 31.

This day is more than a time to celebrate a vape lifestyle. This is about empowering people with knowledge.

The “Land Down Under” aims to reduce the use of tobacco products and create legal access less harmful methods. The organization who put this day into place was the Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association (ATHRA), a well known health charity.

girl vaping outside

The launch party took place on May 30, 2019 in Sydney, Australia and was open to the public. The list of activities were both vape related and fun. For attendees there were free sausages, free lung checks, and the opportunity to mix and mingle with other vapers. Additionally, there were guides for smokers who need guidance on vaping for the first time.

There was also the chance to meet the new staff of ATHRA. The board is comprised of doctors, professors and addiction specialists who truly care about public health. The desire to impact public health was evident, as the event educated doctors in the city on vaping and how to prescribe nicotine to people who want to quit smoking cigarettes.

girl using a vape indoors staring at a window

The creation of a positive space for vape education is a major step in the right direction.

This vape event could have a positive ripple effect around the country. With an open mindset, many people may be able to give vaping a try and finally kick toxic, chemical laden cigarettes.

In a highly referenced study conducted by the School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol, it was found that smoking just one cigarette shortens a man’s life by 11 minutes. That is why days like Aussie Vape Day and other advocacy events are so important. Every time someone puts down a cigarette they are extending their life.

New studies confirm that smokers trying to quit cigarettes find e-cigarettes to be very effective, especially with a younger crowd (Society for the Study of Addiction).

The general attack on vape is that it is a gateway for young adults to begin smoking combustible tobacco, with an emphasis on banning vape flavors. As elaborated in this video, that is not the case. The general population is moving away from traditional cigarettes. Events like Aussie Vape Day give smokers a place to move to, a welcoming and educational space to provide alternatives that just might improve their quality of life.

What are you thoughts on Australia’s first Aussie Vape Day? Would an educational vape event like this help the cigarette smokers in your city? Let us know on social media and tag your posts with #Aussievapeday to show your support.

Visit these sites below for more information on Aussie Vape Day and the organizations involved.


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November 05, 2020

Hey Fraser! I think you may have commented on the wrong article, did you mean to ask on ?
The study was linked in the references section, but I’ve listed it below as well.

Fraser Macmillan

November 05, 2020

I have COPD and have given up cigarettes about 3 months ago. I have noticed a marked improvement in my lung capacity and ability to breath generally. I am interested to know who did the 5 year study on vaping and COPD? The study was not accredited to anyone in your article.

Thank you

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